What isPaySpot.

PaySpot is an easy and convenient mobile point of sale (POS) app that lets anyone start or grow their business selling prepaid mobile airtime, electricity and accept bill payments from customers in their local communities. PaySpot does away with the need to buy expensive hardware vending terminals as it runs on your exsiting mobile device and lets you sell from anywhere you do businessis. By leveraging the power of cloud and mobile technologies, we provide you instant access to many products and services your customers need, increasing customer loyalty and the amount they spend with your business.

"We believe in supporting enterprising individuals looking to grow a sustainable business by participating in the growing pre-paid and payments industry."

Michael - CEO & Co-Founder.

ThePaySpot Vision.

Through our parent company www.mvendr.com a leading prepaid product distributor and payment aggregator, PaySpot's roots are in Africa, so we understand the inherent pain and cost of staring a business selling pre-paid product through hardare POS terminals which are expensive and need regular power supply. An innate desire by the founders to simplify how small retailers, informal traders and enterprising individuals get started and grow their businesses selling pre-paid products and accepting payments without spending too much on buying hardware POS terminals or using paper vouchers.


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